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This Season's Produce 

Restoring the green through The Trails

5+ miles

connected network of landscaped trails

8 acres

parks and outdoor community amenities

110+ acres

permanent & protected open space

Preserving over
110 acres as permanent open space

That equates to approximately 70% of The Trails property dedicated to parks, trails, and natural open space, including 17 acres of native plant restoration.

As part of the project's commitment to restoring the green at Carmel Mountain Ranch, The Trails will plant more than 400 new trees in the CMR community.

8 acres of new,
community-serving parks & amenities

Here are some of the parks and open space amenities we're planning.
Excited to see The Trails come together and have some ideas for park space we should know about?


Discovery Playground

Working in the Garden

Community Gardens

Image by Christin Hume

Park Seating Areas

Aloe Leaves

Native Plant Revegetation


Dog Park


Farmers' Market Areas

Family at Outdoor Event

Small Event Spaces

Blue Bike

Bike Paths


Community Parks


Active Trails

Food Truck

Outdoor Food Space

Image by Caleb Kastein

Nature Trails

We'll continue to update this page as we explore more options, so stay tuned!

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