The Trails
Engagement Plan & Project Review

The proposed plan for The Trails has evolved after a dozen workshops, happy hours, public meetings, and an online survey to capture feedback and suggestions on how a large centerpiece of CMR — the now-closed golf course — can be transformed to best serve the community. 

In the same collaborative spirit as The Trails has developed, The Trails Project Team remains committed to continuing our robust community engagement plan throughout the city review process. The graphic below illustrates our parallel effort to update key stakeholders and surrounding neighbors of the project's progress every step of the way leading up to finalizing the plan.

What's the current status?

Project plans for The Trails have been submitted to the City of San Diego for review. The plans will now undergo a lengthy and thorough review by city staff and technical experts, a process that could take as long as two years or more. Due to the nature of the review process, we anticipate there will be updates to the project plans based on city staff and technical expert input.


When is the next meeting to learn more?

Given the rapidly-changing nature of everyday business due to the global spread of COVID-19, we will continue to work through the process as best we can, while doing our part to Flatten the Curve. It has quickly become apparent that COVID-19 poses new challenges in our daily lives, including how we interact with each other and conduct business.


Although we are putting a pause on all in-person outreach efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus for the safety of our community and our teams, we are continuing to connect with interested neighbors and community members through phone calls and video conferences. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have about The Trails. Simply fill out the form on our Get Involved page if you're interested in learning more.


We hope you remain safe and healthy as we collectively navigate through this uncertain time together.


Our Planning Principles & Commitments 

Core Values
  • Engage the community to inform design

  • Minimize impacts

  • Ensure sustainability — environmental and economic

  • Enhance property values in CMR

  • Balance plan elements

Typical Plan Elements
  • Recreational amenities

  • Open space amenities

  • Social spaces

  • Housing

Our Commitments
  • Ongoing community engagement throughout the permit process

  • Timely and accurate information to the community through multiple channels

  • Accessibility and openness to ideas


About New Urban West, Inc.

New Urban West brings over 60 years of experience working in Southern California with extensive experience involving master-planned golf communities.


Our passion for collaborative engagement is the driving force for seeing possibilities at all stages of the planning process. It's how we have successfully crafted original, inspiring places that honor the existing community while serving unmet needs.

We believe in collaborative placemaking.

We believe in forward-thinking planning as a responsibility.

We believe in designing a better place to live, work, socialize, and thrive.

We believe in People. Crafted. Places.